Thursday, October 07, 2004

Where is my mix tape...

the death of the mix tape is upon us. i admit that i am as guilty as the rest of you. i admit it, i steal. alot and often. no offense to you out there struggling. i do buy occasionally but mostly i steal. i decided that this driven by an overall lack of faith in your album not totally sucking. see i am poor and if i waste $15 on some shiite it really ruins my day. to be honest, anymore, if i burn your album on a 0.20 cd and it sucks then i am pissed. that is b/c i burn as data files and i usually have like 6-8 albums on a disk and it is too much work to remove your shiite. i am digressing.
mix tapes.
they used to take so much effort. i would spend hours making just the right mix. have my songs all lined up only to have cut a song or two b/c the fucking tape would cut halfway that last song. i know that maybe it wasn't that long ago when you last made a tape but cd's (especially MP3's) are causing this activity to die. i have so too much music as is and i can't take the time to get to know it.
some of you (ok nobody really reads these but..) know what i mean. my favorite mix tape of all time came from the most unlikely of sources. in the 10th grade i met carrie. she was total sensory overload. i imagine that our relationship would have been akin to foster parenting a crack baby while he detoxes. i am not going to attempt to explain carrie and me, only summarize us. carrie was a pot head, hippie turned raver, cheerleader, daughter of divorced drug addict welfare mom. me- at the time- straight edge, private school, horny, son of well adjusted normal suburban parents. you can see the drama unfolding but we got along great. carrie, despite all her flakiness and overall heinous taste in music, was a cure fanatic. i was a typical uninitiated teen boy "fuck that sissy eyeliner shiite". carrie was so insistent and i really liked her. she mailed me a tape (she sent me mail like all the time b/c she was goofy) even though i saw her everyday. so one weekend i played it and played it and played it. i knew every second of that tape. how each song would follow the other. i heard the intros in my head as the last song wound down. the best part of the tape was that it was classic carrie. see on side 2 as you finish your introduction to the cure, and by no means am i saying that this was or is the definitive cure mix but a good intro, carrieness comes into play. side 2 reveals that weird ass carrie apparently snagged a tape of mom's or somebody's that had some god awful opera-like singing going on. but over time i came to love even that part of that tape. see the funny thing is i haven't seen or heard from carrie since she came by my job late one night looking for money. she did have a small heroin problem at the time but hey, i am not hating on her. we all did some bad stuff in college. some people do heroin, some people fuck underage girls, some people embezzle money, and yet others find jesus in a coffeeshop. so hey, no judgments b/c that was carrie and that was my mix tape. i don't know where she is now but i still got my tape.
oh but my initial point was i made this rockin' suicide mix cd using some shit that i had in my bag at work and the fucking burner keeps fucking up on this song. which sucks b/c i was planning on giving to the wife's lil sis. she starts college next year and is not cool . well not in sense that you all think is cool. she is 17, goofy, girly, and likes hoobastink. i figure that she needs a mix tape about as bad as you can need a mix tape. so i made this great cd with iron and wine, new order, adams, rice, etc. good music to break up to b/c i figure she is a good heartbreak away from being a lil' bit cooler at least i hope. although i did enjoy our lohan v. duff discussion last time i saw her. --side note-- i do heart lohan b/c i have a soft spots for the slutties but the new boobies were just unnecessary. so anyway, read 'songbook' by nick hornby and make somebody a tape. fuck even a cd. there is too much shit out there now but i am loving the pixies 'debaser' today...

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